About the band

David Crozier: vocals & electric rhythm guitar


David fell in love with the guitar at the age of twelve when he heard Buddy Holly singing Rave On and Maybe Baby. Having quickly learned the basics of playing, he joined a' beat group' called The Playboys which was soon renamed The Outsiders. It was the mid sixties by now and David had a superb time playing the usual haunts and believing he was a rock god! Towards the end of his time with the Outsiders, David achieved a burning ambition and managed to buy a beaten up second hand Fender Stratocaster in sunburst. Heaven for a Buddy Holly fan! To this day he can recall what that Strat sounded like. Being a student in London in the sixties meant music was all around him and David rapidly caught on to the folk music boom of that time. He discovered acoustic guitars and his first, a Harmony Sovereign, served him well throughout the initial period of his folk music years playing with The Weevils, Doug 'n' Dave and The Skerries. Then, in 1975, he bought a CF Martin OOO-18, 'went solo' and enjoyed a very pleasurable time in folk clubs, and occasionally on the radio, throughout the 1970s. In recent years, David has returned to his rock n roll and country first influences and sung and played with The Travelling Band, Way Out West (where he first played with John Wyatt), DC & The Topcats, 455 Rocket  and now the illustrious Louisiana Lightning. 

Simon Joslin: vocals and acoustic rhythm guitar


Simon is a well-known singer and guitarist in the Sussex area. He is also a much-appreciated songwriter.  His love of Country music is legendary. He was born on a mountain top in Tennessee....oh, no, that was Davy Crockett. Simon's enthusiasm for Country Music seems to have been with him since birth; his first cuddly toy looked remarkably like Dolly Parton. That had a lasting effect upon him. Simon is well-known in several Folk clubs in Sussex where his brand of Country music is much-enjoyed. He seems to be one of only a few performers who have achieved a blend of Country and Folk over the years. The Eastbourne Under Ground Theatre is somewhere else which frequently welcomes Simon's solo performances. Simon's fine, distinctive voice is one of two sharing the vocals in Louisiana Lightning. His cowboy boots are worth noticing, too!

Neil Costello: lead guitar


Despite his rather rocking-out appearance in this photo, Neil is a gentle man with a prodigious talent for all things musical including music production and recording. Neil started playing guitar professionally at the age of 20 in a German rock band; resistance was futile. He then returned to the UK to play on studio sessions and toured extensively with Gospel artists Graham Kendrick and Noel Richard. He then toured with Sheila Walsh and American guitarist Phil Keegy. Following that, Neil did session work for Keith Emerson on some films and was then Gloria Gaynor's guitarist for a year. His highlight of 1997 was playing Wembley Stadium with Noel Richards for Champion of the World. Then came The Sunflowers band and currtently both Thorntree and Louisiana Lightning. Neil is also a hugely respected recording engineer and producer with his own studio hidden in deepest Sussex. So, with all that superb guitarist history, now you can understand the pose in the photo!

John Wyatt: bass guitar


John began his playing career in 1962 on rhythm guitar in a band in Germany. This was followed in 1965 by a stint with a band in Aden called Scene Five who later moved to Manchester and gained popularity in the pubs and clubs. Rock n Roll and covers was the name of the game. In 1968, John moved to Guildford and played keyboards as well as rhythm guitar in various covers bands. In 1972, John joined Stumble, as bass guitarist. John also played bass in a country band called Mainline. Around this time, John played bass with Eric Clapton at a charity gig. He tries not to talk about it.....  Many years later, John met David Crozier (now in Louisiana Lightning) while playing bass for country outfit Way Out West and then in 455 Rocket. The only place he has left to hide is Louisiana Lightning!

Steve Huxley: percussion


Steve is a highly experienced drummer who has played with many notable bands over the years. He has been playing drums with local bands in Sussex since the age of eleven. Not long, then. A few names from his early days include The Contortions, and The Boot Hill Blues Band. Encouraged by Neil Costello (who obviously has a lot to answer for) Steve joined The Reps full time and indulged his young preference for Punk/Power Pop/Rock. Three happy years were spent touring the UK non-stop. During this time two singles and an album were released by the band. Upon settling back in Eastbourne, Steve started teaching drums and then joined Rhyme 'n' Reason. That band also recorded an album. More recently Steve has been playing with Quicksilver and Con Brio as well as becoming drummer with 455 Rocket for his first dose of Country-Rock and now with Louisiana Lightning. Steve is aware that this music is addictive!